The CatCooler™ OEM Style
Super Duty Aluminum Radiator
for Jaguar XJS V12


CatCooler Jaguar V12 Aluminum radiator

A large percentage of the overheating problems that many XJS V12 drivers face are directly related to the radiator. Over time it tends to get clogged by debris, condensates and "gunk". Rodding, re-coring or replacement can restore the radiator to its original cooling capacity but as the V12 engine ages, internal coolant flow can also be restricted for the same reasons. As a result, even in clean, well maintained systems, overheating can occur with the very expensive danger of dropped valve seats and engine failure ever present. V12 Performance has a solution with the CatCooler Jaguar XJS V12 aluminum radiator, a system that is effective, very high quality and reasonably priced.

The CatCooler aluminum radiator is the first and only direct fit, aluminum radiator specifically designed by Jaguar specialists for Jaguar V12 cars. All fittings (inlets, outlet, transmission cooler, mounting pegs) are in the original Jaguar factory locations. Unlike other aluminum radiators sold for the Jaguar V12 no modifications, expensive adaptors or other work arounds are necessary. This is a true drop in replacement for the factory radiator.

The difference is that the CatCooler radiator, with a 2 1/4 inch thick core and two rows of one inch diameter tubes with 18 fins per inch, has a cooling capacity approximately 40% greater than the stock Jaguar radiator. The CatCooler is made in the USA from quality materials and is 100% tig welded with absolutely no epoxy used in any way. We've even added a draincock and alternative water temperature sensor location as improvements to the original Jaguar design.

Installation is exactly the same as for the OEM radiator and the CatCooler will fit and work with either the original cooling fans or the CatCooler twin electric cooling fan system.

Lower both your Jaguar's engine temperatures and your stress level with the The CatCooler™ aluminum radiator from V12 Performance, the XJS specialists,™ for new lower price of only $719.00.